A Day at Pre-school

A Day at Pre-school

We aim to be flexible during our Pre-school sessions in order to accommodate spontaneous opportunities.  However, in general our sessions include the following:

Indoor Free Play

A variety of planned activities are set out around the Pre-school such as craft making. The children are encouraged to join in with these activities, there is also adult support available. These activities are selected to meet differing objectives of the curriculum.

There are many dressing up outfits, a train track table, reading corner and plenty of toys.  We are very pleased to offer iPads with child friendly games and educational activities.  Time on these is restricted and other physical play encouraged.

Snack Time   

Water is available to drink throughout the session and children are able to bring a healthy snack for their session.

Group Time

Children are encouraged to join in with a variety of activities such as stories, singing, music making, games, action rhymes, dancing and group discussions. We encourage parents to send in news from home through the use of post it notes in the book bag.

Outdoor Free Play

We are lucky enough to have an all-weather outside area so children are encouraged to enjoy fresh air every day. We have a variety of outdoor activities such as bicycles, hoops and climbing equipment.

There is a muddy kitchen for children to explore and raised beds for growing a number of plants and vegetables. The children love to help with planting and watering.

Home Time

Children leaving after the morning session put on their outdoor clothes and are given their belongings (treasures, paintings, etc.) to take home. Children attending lunch club are seated separately to those returning home.  They are provided with an activity to occupy them while the other children are being collected.

Lunch Club

Parents of children attending lunch club may either provide their child with a packed lunch (which should be placed in a thermos container with an ice pack) or may purchase a hot lunch provided from the school canteen at a cost of £tbc per day. The children are encouraged to unpack their lunch box and eat the more. HYPERLINK to school lunch page.