Admissions to the school are administered by Cambridgeshire County Council. Full details on how to apply, how places are allocated and admission deadlines can be found on their website at:

Parents who are considering applying for a place at the school for their child are welcome to arrange a visit by contacting the school office.

School Admissions Annual Consultation Information (NOVEMBER 2017)

The School Admissions Regulations 2012 require local authorities to publish annually information regarding proposed changes to school admission arrangements.

The Annual Consultation of Admission Arrangements in Cambridgeshire will take place between 1 November 2017 and 15th December 2017. These documents are available to view from the county’s webpage

Admissions Annual Consultation

The documents available to download from this page are:- 

  1. Co-ordinated Secondary Admissions Scheme 2019/20 – This document contains the proposed timetable for admission to secondary schools for admissions in September 2019;
  2. Co-ordinated Primary Admissions Scheme 2019/20 – This document contains the proposed timetable for admission to primary schools for admissions in September 2019;
  3. Admission Arrangements 2019/20 - This document contains details of the admission arrangements for the county’s community and voluntary controlled schools; definitions applicable to these policies, local agreements and proposed changes to school Published Admission Numbers and catchment areas.
  4. Published Admission Number List 2007/20 – This is a list of the Published Admission Numbers (PANs) for each of the county’s schools, and highlights any proposed change to the PAN for admissions in 2019.
  5. Admission Criteria for Own Admission Authority Schools 2019/20 – This document contains copies of admission arrangements/policies for own admission authority schools within Cambridgeshire, not consulting separately, where a change is being proposed for admission to the school in 2019/20.
  6. Supplementary Information Forms (SIF) used by Voluntary Aided, Foundation and Academy Schools 2019/20 – This document contains copies of the Supplementary Information Forms (SIFs) to be completed by parents to enable their application to be considered under specific criteria within the over-subscription criteria of a school.
  7. Schools with Sixth Form Admission Criteria – 2019 - 2020; and Maintained Nursery Admissions Policy – 2019 – 2020. –

Objections to any of the proposed arrangements can be made by completing the online response document no later than 15th December 2017.

Requests for further information about the proposed admission arrangements in Cambridgeshire for 2019/20 should be made to Admissions, Box OCT 1221, Castle Court, Castle Hill, Cambridge CB3 0AP or by telephone on 0345 045 1370 or email to:

To ensure that residents in your constituency are given the opportunity to respond to the proposals being made, please could I ask you to make reference to the annual consultation process, how parents can find more information about this process and the weblink to the county’s webpages in any constituency correspondence you send between 1 November and 15th December 2017.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.  Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require any further information in respect of this matter.