Cross Country Report

19th April 2017

We could not have asked for a better Wednesday evening than the one we were blessed with. The sun was shining and the wind stayed home. The Hemingford Grey Primary School cross-country team made the short trip to Longsands Academy in St. Neots to take part in our first ever 4 x 1200 metre annual race among 73 competing schools.

The girls were up first. The nerves were visible as the sheer number of bodies surrounding the course were immense. The organisers called the girls up one by one and there they waited for the signal to go. All four girls ran extremely well and gave everything for the team. There were certainly some tired looking children after their particular leg had been ran. As Jasmine approached the finishing line, a gut busting sprint saw her overtake a number of girls to pip them to the finishing line. She was handed the team’s final position, 22nd. An unbelievable effort from all girls involved and you truly deserved your ice-cream after your efforts.

With the girls doing so well, it was now time for the boys. Again, the organisers called them into their pens and patiently waited for further instructions. A bit of crowd control was necessary as some boys became a little too excited. As the countdown began, the nerves grew and grew. Jake ran a solid first leg to putting HGPS within the main pack. This set the pace for the rest of the boys and as Theo charged in home, with every ounce of energy he had remaining, he was given the teams position, 47th. Again, this is a remarkable outcome for the lads as this was the first time they had ran together in this style.

Well over 100 teams took part in the event which puts how well the children did into perspective!

Well done to all involved and thank you for those who came and supported us. The event was very well organised so we thank all those involved. They made the occasion very special to these children!