Gymnastics Competition

16th March 2017
On the morning of Tuesday 14th March, six lower KS2 children set off to Huntingdon Gymnastics Club for an inter-school gymnastics competition. Unfortunately before leaving, one member of the team came down ill. However, in true Hemingford fashion, another child was willing to take her place and we were once again back to a full complement. When we arrived at Huntingdon Gymnastics Club there was an agonising wait as the teams filed into the gym and took their places for the first event. For us, we would compete in the floor routine first which consisted of forward and backwards rolls, front supports, a shoulder balance and ended with a cartwheel. After 10 minutes practice, Kyden, Ellie and Alyssa stepped up one by one to perform. Although nervous beforehand, the three remembered the routine and performed it with passion and confidence. Their faces showed their relief as they came back to join the team with huge smiles on their faces.

Our next discipline was body management in which the gymnasts needed to demonstrate control and precision with their body positions. It started with skipping before moving into a sequence of controlled body positions, including a dish, half lever and front support. Once again, the gymnasts came to the floor one at a time to perform. This time it was Harvie, Kara and Charlotte who competed in this event and they all performed with elegance and control as they moved through their routines. Kara, particularly demonstrated excellent style in her transitions between moves.

After a rest and some well-deserved food we competed in our final event, the vault. They were allowed two practice jumps before performing their vault. As the gymnasts took their places at the beginning of the run up they took one deep breath before launching themselves onto the vault and jumping off with excellent accuracy and control.

After an exhausting morning of gymnastics the six team members were disappointed that the morning was over. They all had a fantastic time and enjoyed performing in front of the other gymnasts and parents who had come to watch. The team did very well and represented the school and themselves well with professionalism and respect for the other teams.

Well done to the Hemingford Grey gymnastics team.