Key Stage 1

Welcome to Key Stage One

Key Stage One consists of years 1 and 2. Both year groups work closely together and we study one exciting theme per term.

Our approach to learning is very much based on finding experiences that are relevant and exciting and where we can apply what we learn in the basic skills of reading, writing and maths to meaningful contexts. Our curriculum has been designed by the school, specifically with our children and our locality in mind and we strive to ensure that children are exposed to a range of trips, visits, experiences and visitors which will make their learning relevant and exciting.

An aspect of our provision which is quite unique is our Learning Zone. This is where children have the opportunity every day to apply their learning to a range of curriculum areas such as art, DT, science, gardening and outdoor learning, construction and role play. This encourages the children to become inquisitive and curious and to better develop the skills of problem solving as well as their speaking and listening skills. Every day, half of the class will go into the zone for a session, leaving the other class with the teacher for focussed teaching in the basic skills in smaller groups. Our children love the zone and we feel it really supports them to become better learners as well as supporting those learners who develop at different rates.

We expect all children to develop a love of reading by making sure we expose them to a wide range of texts and genres. We expect that parents will read on a frequent and regular basis with their children in order to enable them to swiftly become proficient readers with a love of books and different reading materials. If you haven’t already done so, please take a look at the Book Club tab of the website, where you’ll find a great range of book recommendations and reviews.  We set additional homework such as maths, which is through an online portal called Mathletics, and spellings linked to weekly phonics.  We also set a termly project linked to our themes and all children are expected to undertake the tasks that are set.

Throughout the year we encourage parents to come into school to learn alongside, celebrate and share their children’s learning. We provide a range of opportunities such as Come to Learn sessions (where parents take part in lessons), information sessions, Celebrations and concerts and many more. This means that parents are able to select the opportunities they would like, and are able, to attend.

There are a range of clubs that children can attend which run after school and during lunch time. These clubs are run by teachers, teaching assistants, sports coaches and older children in the school. We are extremely lucky to have trainers from the Huntingdon Gym (where the Olympic team trained) come in to teach the children in KS1 Gymnastics every week. They also run an after school club.

Key Stage One is a very exciting place to come and learn whether you are a child or adult. Come and see!