Kid Safe Search Engines

The following sites are kid safe search engines:

BBC Find
A limited search engine aimed at KS1 learners

SearchBox for Kids
A variety of safe search engines to allow choice

Primary School Safe Search
A custom search engine powered by Google

SWGfL Swiggle
A custom search engine powered by Google

Designed for kids by librarians

Infant Encyclopedia
Safe Independent Research for Infants

Safe Search Kids
Based on Google SafeSearch

Based on Google SafeSearch

Computers can be set to always open on these web pages using
Tools>Internet options>Home Page.

Google Safe Search
Google has tools which will moderate the content. They call this safe search and the instructions for completing this task are at

It is important to remember that these search engines cannot always guarantee that inappropriate content will not be received. Parents should discuss with their children what will happen if their children view content that makes the child feel uncomfortable.This could include turning the monitor off and telling the parent and downloading the Hector the Protector screen saver.