Parents/Carers Our School NEEDS YOU!

We welcome your views and we recognize the huge importance of involving you in your child’s learning.

From views about the Foundation Stage induction programme to behaviour and school lunches, our policies and practices have been shaped over time by working with you, your children, the staff and Governors.

Here are just some of the ways you can come in to work alongside your children, learn with the teachers, meet the staff and shape the future for your children. DO COME AND JOIN US. (Dates for all events are sent to you via the SchoolComms system.)

  • Pre-arranged informal Drop Ins to get an update from the Head and Deputy Head about what is happening in school and share any views you have
  • Workshops for parents to find out more about the teaching of Art, Maths, Grammar and Spelling, E-Safety, SEN and strategies for developing fantastic learning attitudes

  • Come to lunch – Each class receives an invite twice per year, once in the Autumn, once in the summer

  • Come to Learn – In the Spring term, come and learn alongside your child at school. Each year there is a different focus

  • Celebrations – Each class invites you to celebrate their learning at the end of the termly theme

  • Concerts and drama productions

  • Meet the teacher – Drop in sessions and Parents evenings

  • Requests for help during thematic learning – you may have a particular skill or knowledge base which could be very helpful

  • Accompanying us on trips and visits – we welcome your help. You will be asked to undertake an enhanced clearance check; all schools use this as a measure to ensure the safety and welfare of the pupils on site

Giving up your time to regularly help in class