Our vision and ambition for Science at Hemingford Grey Primary School 


We want children to have: 

  • An understanding of different types of enquiries and how to work scientifically and systematically  

  •  The ability to retrieve disciplinary and substantive knowledge to apply it to future science investigations 

  • The ability to apply the knowledge they learn in practical situations such as scientific investigations and enquiries  

  •  scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding through the specific disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics 

  • scientific languages to draw conclusions, predict and carry out investigations 

  • The ability to work collaboratively to lead to new understanding 

  • Curiosity and inquisitive thinking 

At Hemingford Grey Primary School we use Developing Experts to supplement our scheme of work to make the learning inspiring and connected to the real world. Children are encouraged to apply their learning to real-life contexts and to understand the importance and significance of science in everyday life. 

In science, teachers develop the children’s substantive and disciplinary knowledge. Our aim is for the children to gain knowledge of scientific concepts and deepen their understanding through ‘working scientifically’. Substantive knowledge and disciplinary knowledge will be taught alongside each other. Our working scientifically will be embedded within the wider curriculum across other subjects 

Substantive knowledge 

Substantive knowledge is taught in all three disciplines is science and is progressive throughout the school. Knowledge builds on prior learning to deepen the children’s understanding. To help embed knowledge in their long-term memory, we use quizzes as an interactive and engaging tool. Children’s misconceptions will be addressed through questioning throughout the lesson. Scientific language will be used, and key words are highlighted at the beginning of each lesson. 

Teachers are given teacher knowledge for each topic to ensure they feel confident and ready to teach to a high standard.  

Disciplinary knowledge 

Children are given the opportunity to develop their enquiry and scientific knowledge through hands on activities and practical experiences. Disciplinary knowledge will give the children the tools to apply their substantive knowledge to a range of different situations. The aim is for them to use and apply their skills in a range of situations during their life.  

Miss Marie Bonnot

Science Lead

Science Curriculum Road Map
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Science Day 2023