Vision and Values

Our School 


Within our school community at Hemingford Grey Primary School, we aim for all our children to learn in a safehappycaring and positive environment where everyone is valued.  

We will provide opportunities for our children to develop sociallyphysically and emotionally, promoting multicultural and global community.  

Our school motto, ‘Together Everyone Achieves More’ brings our school and local community together to enable our aims.  


We believe that children should all be given the opportunity through education: 

  • to have secure wellbeing, being both physically and mentally healthy; 

  • to nurture love of learning where they develop curiosity and questioning of the world around them, challenging themselves and others;  

  • to feel safe to take risks, make mistakes and embrace learning opportunities with resilience; 

  • to have courage, self-belief and a strong identity which they celebrate with confidence; 

  • to have ambitious expectation for their futures and to reach their full potential; 

  • to have strong links with the local community and a wider world conscience; 

  • to be aware of themselves and the impact they have on others; 

  • to have empathy and compassion for themselves others and teach others to be better human beings; show kindness to themselves and others; 

  • to be creative in problem solving now and in the future. 


To enable children to achieve this, our staff team will: 

  • demonstrate a growth mindset and confidence to overcome mistakes and solve problems; 

  • model understanding, compassion and respect for themselves and others; 

  • nurture children as individuals and help them recognise what they have to offer as members of society; 

  • motivate and inspire children to achieve the highest standards in basic skills; 

  • ensure children have the opportunity to achieve in all areas of learning and excel in those in which they have a passion or talent; 

  • provide children with memorable learning experiences. 


To enable children to achieve this, the school environment will:    

  • promote independent learning; 

  • provide a balance of outside and indoor experiences; 

  • be calm and focussed; 

  • provide stimulation, motivation, curiosity, consistency and challenge; 

  • provide a balance of exploration, discovery, action, play and direction. 

For further information on how our vision and aims are delivered through our teaching and learning, please see our curriculum section of the website. 


'Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world' 

Nelson Mandela