Wrap Around and Holiday Club

Welcome to AK-tivities Multi Activity Sports Camps and proud provider of wraparound provision here at Hemingford Grey Primary School.

Also known as out of school club or after-school club, our wraparound care at HGPS operates during term time and offers a breakfast club and after-school club every day. Due to an extensive highly qualified staffing team, we are able to offer up to 55 places for our breakfast club and 65 places for our after school clubs. Our team is made up of former teachers and current Early Years professionals working in the preschool on site. This enables us to split our club on certain days of the week into having both an Early Years provision based in the preschool classroom and children in KS1/2 in the main hall. This allows us to offer a tailored club and age appropriate activities in which children can partake in.


Breakfast Club

Children will arrive in the morning and have the choice of cereal, toast and fruit to start their day. Children are invited to play both inside and outside to ensure they have a stimulating start to the day. They can use our vast range of resources, engage in independent play or take part in multi-sports activities outside on the playground. We base our approach to playwork through our 4 Respects: Yourself, Each Other, Equipment and Environment. Our values align with the school's ethos where everyone is valued and we all play an important role in ensuring the club is a safe and enjoyable setting. We encourage as much active play as possible to boost physical fitness and mental stimulation. We encourage teamwork, play and critical thinking to allow the children to become social advocates for themselves. Through team sports, team building, arts n craft and independent play, the children have endless opportunities to develop with us.


After School Club

At the after-school club, children arrive in staggered intervals from 3:15. Once they arrive, they are signed in and then released into our club space to blow off steam and have fun. Activities on any given day may include: football, basketball, arts n craft, frisbee, den building, colouring, movies, beach ball games, reading, nintendo wii and more. We like to incorporate some of our holiday camp activities into our club programme to mix things up each day. On certain days, we make use of the school field to play larger team games and make use of the climbing equipment. Fruit, chilled water and juice is always available at this point. At 4:15 once our early finishes are collected, we have a snack which ranges from sandwiches, bagels, wraps, pittas and beans on toast. Freshly chopped vegetables accompany these options as we aim to help children meet their 5 a day for fruit and vegetables. 


Early Years Club

Children in preschool and reception make up our Early Years Club. Our Early Years club is based in the preschool classroom for breakfast club on Tuesdays and Fridays ONLY with them joining the main KS1/2 children on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. For the after school club, they are based in the preschool classroom all week from 3-5pm and then they join the rest of the club in the main hall 5-6pm to allow the preschool classroom to be cleaned. This also offers a great opportunity for the younger children to meet and mix in with the older children to develop relationships and build rapport. It also helps them slowly be inducted into the older club for when they join it when they reach Year 1. Staff in our Early Years group are minimum Level 3 Early Years qualified and run activities that support the Early Years framework. We have an excellent relationship with the preschool which allows us to share equipment and make use of the fabulous outdoor play area.


Holiday Club

We also run a holiday club at HGPS during all school holidays from 8-6pm everyday except for the Christmas break. Our award winning holiday provision is offered for children aged 5-16 with certain days offered for children aged 3-4 if a Level 3 qualified staff member is available. We also run a junior leadership academy for children aged 12+ to give them something to work towards over the holidays and even possibly become a future staff member upon successful completion of the programme. Our holiday clubs are extremely popular and often get fully booked so we encourage early bookings to avoid disappointment. Our holiday club is offered to both those associated with HGPS and also the general public.


Booking into the Wraparound Club?

To book into our club, we use the Magic Booking platform which you can find here --> https://ak-tivities.magicbooking.co.uk/Identity/Account/Login 

Simply create an account, add your children's details and book into our club. The website has plenty of videos to support if you need any help. We accept payment through card instalment, childcare vouchers, HMRC tax free vouchers or direct BACS payments. You can find out more on our website. 

To book onto our holiday club, we use the Class for Kids platform which you can find here --https://ak-tivities.classforkids.io/camps 


Contact Us

Email: aktivities.ltd@gmail.com

Tel: 0781418989 (Opening hours: 07:30 - 09:00 and 15:00 - 18:00)

WWW: https://www.ak-tivities.com/


We look forward to welcoming you soon into the AK club.

Ash Matthews

Chief Operations Officer and Club Manager

AK-tivities Multi Activity Sports Camps